Launch of Salwan Public School’s Jr. EcoVenture Collective

Diwali marks the onset of the festive season, providing an ideal opportunity to embark on new endeavours. As per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) of 2020, it is rightly stipulated that “Education must not only impart knowledge but also instil character, enabling learners to become ethical, rational, compassionate, and caring individuals, while simultaneously preparing them for meaningful and gainful employment.

Salwan Public School has proudly launched its Primary Entrepreneurial Club – the ‘Jr. EcoVenture Collective.’ This club is wholeheartedly dedicated to nurturing sustainable and ecological practices, all the while refining the skills of the students and exposing them to real-world scenarios.

As an initial  step, students made products from upcycling items. The Jr. EcoVenture Collective has meticulously crafted Fusion Diyas, Recycled Planters, Alphabet Key Chains, Diya Holders, and, notably sulphate-free soaps made by the CWSN department.

During the Parent-Teacher Meeting held on November 4, 2023, a stall was set up to exhibit these products, providing parents with the opportunity to admire the students’ creative accomplishments. Additionally, parents were provided with the opportunity to acquire eco-friendly products crafted by the students, as part of the ‘Season Special‘ Art and Craft activities. The launch proved to be a resounding success, with parents showing wholehearted appreciation for the dedication and creativity displayed by the students. This promising beginning sets the tone for the Jr. EcoVenture Collective’s journey. The young students are enthusiastic and confident that this venture will gradually enable them to expand their product range and generate a modest profit, with the proceeds being utilised to procure items for donation to the underprivileged.

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