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We envision creating a new generation of conscious young leaders by interweaving enriching learning experiences into the day to day life of learners. Salwan Public School is committed to groom confident and enlightened individuals through a multi-dimensional curriculum which focuses on synergizing knowledge and abilities.

The integrated academic curriculum focuses on an innovative learner-centered approach and experiential learning strategies to develop divergent thinking skills. Exciting activities and enriching experiences such as role-play, field trips, project work, group activities etc. are entwined throughout the curriculum to make the concepts interesting, intriguing and invigorating so that these remain etched in the minds of the learners forever.

The highly trained faculty at Salwan focuses on leveraging the potential of the learners. Creative tasks and assignments focusing upon capacity building and skill- development are conducted to maximize the learning outcomes. Stress is also laid upon personalized teaching according to the needs of the students. Effective feedback mechanism plays an important role in enhancing and improving individual academic performance.

Primary Level

The school at the primary level focuses on basic skill development through hands-on interdisciplinary activities and real life experiences. The teachers work towards strengthening communication skills and igniting students’ curiosity to learn. The curriculum is designed as per the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework. The academic disciplines taught in Classes I-V are English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Science. The co-scholastic domain includes Computer Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Physical Education, Music and Dance, Art/Craft.

Senior Level

Subject Overview Senior Level

The English Department constantly endeavours towards developing the language skills of the students through various literary activities such as Public Speaking, Role Play, Dramatization, Poetry Recitation and Creative Writing. Group tasks conducted in the class help in developing creative writing and oratory skills in students.

The Language Department exposes students to rich literature in Indian languages. Activities focusing on the acquisition of language skills and their appropriate usage are conducted throughout the academic session. Drama forms an important component of learning. Class VI onwards, students have an option to choose Sanskrit, Punjabi or Urdu as their third language.

The Mathematics Department works towards the development of computational skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students. Activity-based learning allows students to explore and understand difficult concepts.

The Department of Science focuses on developing a scientific temperament in students. Students are encouraged to pose and pursue questions to put to rest their curiosity in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology. Extensive use of technology is made for research as well as for a better understanding of the concepts. The Eco Club plays a very important role in creating environmental awareness among students.

The Computer Science Department engages students in exploratory activities that empower them with the latest ICT skills.
The Social Sciences Department comprises of the following subject disciplines : History, Economics, Geography and Political Science. Debates, discussions, quizzes and simulations help challenge the intellect of the students and make the process of teaching-learning more exciting. Multi-disciplinary awareness is encouraged at all times.

The Commerce Department emphasizes on imbibing practical skills, analytical skills and problem solving ability. Students are provided with a basic understanding of various principles, procedures and practices related to business. Their thought process is further stimulated by exposing them to frequent brainstorming sessions on important issues and concepts related to national and global financial issues.

Subject Options for Classes XI & XII

The school offers the following combinations of subjects at the Senior Secondary Level:

Subject Science Stream Compulsory/Choice
Subject 1 English Compulsory
Subject 2 Physics Compulsory
Subject 3 Chemistry Compulsory
Subject 4 Mathematics/ Biology/ Economics Select Any One
Subject 5 Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Bio-tech/ Physical Education/ Painting/ Psychology Select Any One
Subject Commerce Stream Compulsory/Choice
Subject 1 English Compulsory
Subject 2 Accountancy Compulsory
Subject 3 Business Studies Compulsory
Subject 4 Economics Compulsory
Subject 5 Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Physical Education/ Painting/ Psychology Select Any One
Subject Humanities Stream Compulsory/Choice
Subject 1 English Compulsory
Subject 2 History/ Mass Media Select Any One
Subject 3 Political Science/ Hindi Select Any One
Subject 4 Economics/ Geography/ Music (Vocal) Select Any One
Subject 5 Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Business Studies/ Physical Education/ Painting/ Psychology Select Any One

Criteria for Stream Selection Class XI

Stream Criteria
Science (Non – Medical) Science ≥ 75%
Standard Mathematics ≥ 75%
Science (Medical) Science ≥ 75%
Standard Mathematics ≥ 75%
Commerce with Mathematics Standard Mathematics ≥ 60%   
Aggregate ≥ 60%
Commerce without Mathematics Aggregate ≥ 55%
Note: Students securing less than 47% in aggregate will be given a set of skill subjects identified by the school as per their ability and aptitude.

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Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi is a co-educational Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE.