School Community

At Salwan, we believe in building bridges of trust and togetherness between Care-givers, Classrooms and Communities through Cooperation, Communication, Co-ordination and Collaboration. Unified by a strong sense of community, all stake-holders work in tandem with shared responsibilities and common goals. Through an effective Home-School-Community Partnership, together, we weave enriching experiences that foster harmonious relationships, necessary for creating a healthier community. Indeed, every member of the Salwan fraternity feels loved, valued and empowered.

School Home Partnership

Partnership with parents plays a pivotal role in our mission to prepare our students for the future. The parents are constantly motivated to participate in their child’s progress and development through -

Orientation Programmes

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Interactive Sessions

Workshops for Parents

Parent-Teacher Association

Parent's Orientation

ORIENTATION PROGRAMME : An orientation day sets the tone for the year as Parents get acquainted with the school ethos, working and school’s expectations from them. The parents are invited to school for an orientation day programme. They get an opportunity to be addressed by experts in child psychology and elementary education. It helps to ease the anxious minds and be more adept with parenting skills through everyday examples.

Parent Interface

Stories are an important tool for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures. It is also a great way to make them better listeners and improve memory. Therefore it may be said that a story is a powerful tool in the hands of teachers and parents.

The school invites parents for a storytelling session which is very exciting for the children. Teachers guide the parents in choosing the story, using props which are simple but effective, suggest voice modulations and actions which would keep the children excited and attentive. The sessions thus have multiple benefits, the most important being the strengthening of the bond between the school, child and parent.

Blood Donation

At Salwan Schools, education is not merely an instrument for earning a living or acquisition of wealth. It is a training of the human soul in practice of virtue. The School has been organizing Blood Donation Camps in association with Armed Forces Transfusion Centre for more than 20 years as a part of the Independence Day celebrations.

The Parents join the faculty and donate blood and give the gift of life to the sentinels of our nation. The patriotic spirit engulfs each and every one on the occasion of Independence Day when the message of unity, love and peace enthuses each one with a patriotic fervour through cultural shows.

On the same day food festival is organized which exemplifies how tradition, culture and community are important in setting the patriotic rhythm. A group of students, parents and teachers visit the Army Hospital with their token of love and gratitude.

Parent-Teacher Association Members

S.No Name of the Parent Designation Parent/ Teacher
1. Mrs. Priyanka Barara Chairperson Principal
2. Ms. Jyotsna Grover Vice Chairperson Vice Principal
3. Mr Kashmir Singh Sokhal  Vice-Chairperson  Parent
4. Ms. Manisha Nangia Secretary Parent
5. Ms. Rashi Oberoi Hony. Jt. Secretary Headmistress
6. Mr. Yatin Dua Jt. Secretary Parent
7. Mr. Yogesh Bali Hony. Treasurer Teacher
8. Ms. Rachna Jain Member Parent
9. Ms. Upasana Vaid Member Parent
10. Ms. Pooja Sehgal Member Parent
11. Mr. Puneet Kimar Member Parent
12. Mr. Jasmeet Singh Member Parent
13. Ms. Namita Malhotra Member Teacher
14. Ms. Chhavi Sinha Member Teacher
15. Ms. Baneet Kaur Member Teacher
16. Mr. Ashok Chauhan Member Teacher