School Policies & Code of Conduct

The Identity of a Salwanian

“Once a Salwanian, always a Salwanian!”

Salwanians are groomed to be progressive global citizens with a humane outlook and integrity of spirit. They uphold the rich
legacy of the institution and reflect its ethos by identifying themselves with the Vision and Mission of the School. Each child
is nurtured to become a responsible Indian citizen and a self-disciplined learner.

Code of Conduct

  • Student Details – Parents should furnish and update the School for security reasons (as and when required) with their
    latest Professional and Personal Data (office address, residential address and contact details).
  • Identity Card – It is mandatory for the students to wear the I Card to school daily. Parents should also bring the Parent
    Identity Card whenever they come to school.
  • Punctuality & Regularity – – We appreciate punctuality & regularity to school. Students must be punctual and come to
    school on time. 75% attendance is mandatory to appear for the Final Examination.
  • Emphasis – The students should carry textbooks/ notebooks as per the prescribed timetable.
  • Leave – In case leave is required for any reason other than medical, students must apply for the same, prior to taking
    leave through a duly filled application form available at the Reception and School Website. The provision for half-day
    leave is only for medical emergency or any other emergency at home.
  • Cleanliness – Students must observe cleanliness in School in accordance with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. They must
    ensure that no scribbling or graffiti is done anywhere in the School.
  • School Property –  Respect for school property is important. Any damage done accidentally should be reported at once
    to the class teacher or the office..


  • Mobile Phone/ Gadget – Carrying mobile phones or any other electronic gadget to School is prohibited unless
    approved by subject teachers through official written communication. The phone must be deposited to the class teacher
    in the morning and collected back at the time of dispersal. If a student is found in possession of any such gadget without
    approval, it will be confiscated.
  • Campus Language/ Behaviour – Students should restrain from using unparliamentary language/violence/ unfair
    means in any form in the School Campus. The students must respect their elders and be courteous to all.
  • Social Media – The students must avoid using social media to post anything against the School or any staff member.
    This will lead to disciplinary action/ suspension from the school.
  • Tobacco – The School is a Tobacco-Free Zone and the sale of Tobacco within 100 yards of the school premises is

The School endeavours to uphold physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of all its students under its care.