Counselling: Ensuring Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Children and adolescents encounter several situations daily. All these situations trigger emotions and feelings for the child. Most of these are regular feelings that “come and go” on their own, but, some of these stay with the child. When any troublesome situation/incident happens in a child’s life, all the emotions that had stayed with the child through these years, all come to the surface. These then start affecting the child’s behaviour, academic performance, interests and emotional connection with family and friends.

Counselling is a setup that helps a child or teenager open up about their thoughts, emotions and feelings. Here, a child feels safe to be her/himself fully. The non-judgmental loving acceptance for “who they are” and “what they feel” offered in a counselling set-up helps the child feel okay about his/her life, situations and feelings.

We, at Salwan, aim to provide every child with this opportunity to share their heart out whenever they feel like with the School Counsellor. Not, just students, we encourage parents to also come forward to discuss their observations about changes in their child’s behaviour and seek solutions for anything that doesn’t feel okay.

Through the link given below, any student or parent of the Salwan family can book a slot for meeting the Counsellor.

Instructions for booking a slot:

  • To book a slot, please log in from your email account.
  • Check the date and time that is suitable for you and click on any of the available slots.
  • In the description box, student/parent can fill in the details and then click on the “Save” option to finalize the slot.

You will receive a notification of the booked slot in your mail account.

Book a Slot….

If you face any issue in booking a slot, kindly contact the School Reception at

We are committed to the cause of holistic mental, emotional and cognitive development of all our learners!

Thank you