Clubs form an integral part of learning. In order to promote holistic development of the child, the clubs are based on a collaborative approach adopted by all the Faculties. Clubs are allotted according to the following criteria:-

(a) Capability of the Student
(b) Interest of the Student
(c) Availability of Seats
(d) Aptitude

The aim of each club is to develop curiosity, in-depth knowledge and presentation skills of the subject. Workshops and seminars by professionals, presentations by students and field visits give them hands on experience. The students are divided in four groups and given varied choices to opt for any one according to their aptitude and interest.

Group I Classes I - III (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)
Group II Classes IV & V (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
Group III Classes VI - VII (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
Group IV Classes VIII, IX & XI (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

Club List : Academic Session 2020-21

The Clubs will be functional once the school resumes in offline mode.






Editorial Club / English Club


a. School Publications
b. Interactive and Communicative Skills

    Theatre Club III & IV a. Nukkad Natak
b. Inter School Competition
c. School Functions


Environment / Eco Club 


a. Project and Research
b. Work in Collaboration with NGOs.
    Tod-Fod-Jod III a. Innovative Thinking
b. Enriching Games
c. Too Good to Waste
    School Produce IV a. Designing of Candles
b. Making of Handcrafted Soaps
c. Labelling / Packaging / Accounting
3. Maths Maths Club III & IV a. Verbal and Non verbal reasoning
b. Tessellation
c. Curve Stitching
d. Tangramse
4. Visual and Performing Arts Art and Craft II, III & IV a. Best out of Was
b. Calligraphy
c. Craft Work
d. Painting
e. Paper Folding
    Music (Vocal / Instrumental) I, II, III & IV a. Instrumental
b. Vocal Music
c. Dance - Folk, Classical, Western
    Western Music I, II, III & IV a. Piano
b. Vocal
5. Physical Education Sports II, III & IV a. Athletics
b. Basketball
c. Chess 
d. Golf
e. Gymnastics 
f. Volleyball
g. Yoga 
h. Cricket - Paid Coaching 
i. Football - Paid Coaching
6. Computer Science Computer Science III & IV a. Animation
b. Application Softwares 
c. Website Development
7. Social Science Quest III a. National Heritage Quiz
b. Current affairs & general awareness
c. Interpreting the World Heritage Sites in India

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