Clubs form an integral part of learning. In order to promote holistic development of the child, the clubs are based on a collaborative approach adopted by all the Faculties. Clubs are allotted according to the following criteria:-
(a) Capability of the Student
(b) Interest of the Student
(c) Availability of Seats
(d) Aptitude

The aim of each club is to develop curiosity, in-depth knowledge and presentation skills of the subject. Workshops and seminars by professionals, presentations by students and field visits give them hands on experience. The students are divided in four groups and given varied choices to opt for any one according to their aptitude and interest.

Club Details: Classes I - IX & XI (Session 2023-24)







Orator’s Club & Literati

VI to IX & XI

a. Extempore
b. Ad Mad
c. Declamation
d. Group Discussions
e. Story Telling
f. Panel Discussions
g. Role Play/ Hot Seat
h. Debates
i. Conducting an Interview
j. Poem Composition
k. Story Writing
l. Report Writing for School Events




VI to IX & XI

a. Nukkad Natak
b. Discussions
c. Number Game
d. Ad Mad
e. Poster making
f. Characterisation
g. Facial and Eye Expressions
    Abhivyakti VI to IX & XI a. Poem Composition
b. Story Writing
c. Story Telling
d. Declamation
e. Extempore
f. Group Discussions
g. Debates
h. Conducting an Interview
3. Science Environment Club VI to IX & XI a. Micro gardening and landscaping
b. Bonsai Making
c. Transforming trees to diverse niche
    School Produce VI to IX & XI a. Candle Making
b. Soap Making
c. Packaging and Costing
d. Organic Herbs Packaging (Bio enzymes)
4. Maths Fun With Maths VI to IX & XI a. Designing Cards / Bookmarks using various geometrical shapes
b. Tangram
c. Matchstick Puzzles
d. Origami
e. Tessellations-regular and irregular tessellations
f. Tessellations through paper cutting method
g. Sudoku
h. Mathematical Cartoon Strips
i. Magic Squares
j. Puzzles and Brain Teasers
    Ramanujan VI to IX & XI a. Number Patterns
b. Numerical Reasoning
c. Analytical and Logical Reasoning
d. Non-verbal Reasoning
e. Qualitative Aptitude
f. Case Studies
g. Basic Sutras of Vedic Mathematics
h. Advanced sutras of Vedic Mathematics
5. Commerce Money Matters VI - VIII a. Collecting currencies of different countries
b. Designing your own currency
c. Filling of cheque, withdrawal slip and other documents of bank
d. Quiz on currencies of countries
    Biz World IX & XI a. Project - Selling saplings, manure and school produce through Business Blasters
b. Industrial Visit
6. Social Science Quest/ Herit age Club VI to IX & XI a. Grooming children for inter-school quiz events
b. Organising heritage workshops, walks and visits for school students
c. Planning community outreach programmes in liaison with NGOs
d. Organising exhibitions and campaigns to create heritage awareness amongst children
e. Rural heritage education and skill development
7. Computer Science Bits & Bytes VIII, IX & XI a. Designing newsletter using various graphic editing softwares
b. App Development workshop
c. Designing short videos for social media and promotions
d. Designing creatives for Social Media using various graphic editing softwares
    Techie Junior III - V a. Designing a presentation using various graphic editing softwares
b. Designing Animation - using Powtoon /Scratch
c. Building games in Scratch
d. Designing a story book using story Jumper/Book Creator
8. Visual & Performing Arts Art & Craft VI to IX & XI a. Acrylic Painting
b. Best Out of Waste
c. Glass Bottle Painting
d. Collage Making
e. Painting on Ceramic Plates
VI to IX & XI a. Basic training of sargam & alankarss
b. Training the School Choir
c. Patriotic Songs
d. Inter & Intra School Competitions
    Dance Club VI to IX & XI a. Semi Classical
b. Sufi
c. Fusion
d. Folk
e. Preparation for Assemblies and Competitions
9. Physical Education Sports III - V a. Athletics
b. Gymnastics
c. Cricket
d. Skating
e. Yoga
f. Table Tennis
g. Basketball (Paid)
h. Football (Paid)
i. Golf (Paid)
    VI to IX & XI a. Basketball
b. Football
c. Cricket
d. Athletics
e. Table Tennis
f. Yoga
g. Gymnastics
h. Golf (Paid)

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