Dharohar – A Soulful Ode to Nature

Class VIII Presentations

Salwan Public School hosted a spectacular class presentation by the students of class VIII, “Dharohar – A Soulful Ode to Nature,” showcasing the school’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The event, held on January 16, 2023, brought together students, staff, parents, and distinguished guests in a celebration of cultural heritage and a collective call to address climate change.

The event commenced with a warm welcome, emphasizing the school’s role as advocates for change and preservers of heritage. The theme, ‘Dharohar’, symbolized a connection to cultural roots, prompting reflection on our responsibility towards environmental preservation.

The highlight of the event was the distinguished presence of illustrious alumni, Mr. Sahil Mehta, a renowned film actor, Ms. Tanya Goswami, a dedicated Cultural Heritage professional and Ms. Kreeti, a dynamic business leader. These accomplished individuals, hailing from diverse fields, graced the occasion distinguished guests. The school was also privileged to welcome Ms. Lynne Moten, an active participant in the student exchange program with Seymour College, Australia.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp marked the illumination of knowledge and inspiration. Ms. Priyanka Barara, Principal, shared insightful words, highlighting the significance of the occasion. Major General Sanjeev Shukla, School Director, in his address, encouraged the young learners to seek insightful guidance from teachers and parents and develop a positive attitude towards academics. Mr. Sahil Mehta and Ms. Tanya Goswami, alumni also addressed the audience, inspiring them with their life experiences and perspectives.

The core of the event was the presentation titled “Dharohar,” wherein students seamlessly blended art and advocacy to address climate change. The musical extravaganza, featuring energetic dances and soulful performances, conveyed a powerful message of environmental conservation.

Ms. Jyotsna Grover, Vice Principal,  delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that made the event a great success. The event concluded with a passionate call to action, urging everyone to be architects of positive change for a greener future.

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