Dastaan-e-Gaureya: Whispers of Wings

Class Presentation – Classes III and IV

Dastaan-e-Gaureya: Whispers of Wings presented by the students of classes III and IV on 23 March 2024, was an insightful theatrical endeavour aimed at shedding light on the concerning issue of the dwindling number of sparrows in Delhi.

Through engaging storytelling and informative dialogues, students artistically presented a realistic story behind the disappearance of sparrows. The initiative was effective in spreading the message of the need for harmonious coexistence of humans and winged creatures.

Maj Gen Sanjeev Shukla, Director, Salwan Public School, motivated parents to collaborate and cooperate in creating a brighter future for a greener environment. Ms. Priyanka Barara, Principal, Salwan Public School, accorded a welcome to the distinguished guests and parents and expressed her gratitude for their unstinted support.

The honourable guest of the day, Dr. B.C Sabat, Former Sr. Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT, provided valuable insights on environmental sustainability. Mr. Harsh Khubchandani, a proud alumnus (Batch 2014) and distinguished guest of the day, in his address reminisced his school days and encouraged students to hone their skills in every aspect.

The performance not only showcased the creativity and talent of the students but also served as a powerful medium to raise awareness about environmental conservation and the importance of preserving biodiversity in urban settings like Delhi.

The young students’ presentation aroused a sense of reflection as well as action among the audience by emphasizing simple yet impactful ways that individuals can take in their daily lives to create sparrow-friendly habitats.

“Dastaan-e-Gaureya…Whispers of Wings” was a compelling blend of education and entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed it and igniting a sense of responsibility towards protecting our avian companions for generations to come.

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