Embarking on a Journey of Flourishing Together: Unveiling Dignity

Students of Class X had a thought-provoking session led by Ms. Lynn Morton, a longstanding participant in our global connect program. The focus of the session was on uncovering personal purpose and cultivating dignity in life.

Ms. Lynn delved into the dichotomy between being a self-serving leader and a selfless leader, shedding light on the pitfalls associated with seeking power devoid of compassion. Stressing the significance of kindness and compassion for sustainable happiness, she outlined the characteristics of a good leader. These qualities included compassion, nurturing others, and steering clear of ego-driven pursuits. Inspirational videos on  leadership and the fundamental secret to happiness were shared, providing students with valuable insights.

The session reached its culmination with an engaging Q&A, during which students sought guidance on discovering their spiritual purpose. Ms. Lynn underscored the importance of listening to one’s inner conscience, understanding responsibilities, and taking charge of life choices for both personal growth and societal betterment.

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