Quality Education is the way of life at Salwan Public School. The school provides a conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure and superlative facilities for the all-round development of learners.

The School complex comprises of four blocks – Primary, Middle, Senior and the Activity Block. The Activity Block includes Music, Dance and Art rooms and an Amphitheatre with professional equipments for multiple performances providing the perfect setting for co-curricular activities.


The school has always laid great emphasis on inculcating reading habits among children during their formative years.


  • The senior library is well stocked and fully air conditioned. It features over 20,000 books and 40 journals which cater to the needs of the avid readers. There is an enriched reference section which helps the students to work on multi-dimensional projects. Fiction and non-fiction books in English and Hindi are available for the readers apart from books on hobbies, counselling, sports, arts, motivation, philosophy and education. Periodicals and magazines are also available for teachers to update themselves in their respective fields. 

  • The library is well equipped with internet enabled workstations.

  • Students are encouraged to be avid readers and their reviews are posted online in the library blog Readerville.

  • E newspaper NIE is regularly shared with the students in Google Classroom. 

  • Virtual Book Fair is organized for the students and teachers. 

  • The school is a member of –

    • The British Council Library.
    • Habitat World at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-03.
    • Chinmaya Mission, 89, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.


The Class Library is well-stocked with about 350-400 books comprising fiction, non-fiction and reference books.


The school has laboratories for the following streams:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology & Biotechnology
  • General Science
  • Computers
  • Geography

The Laboratories are well-equipped with the latest equipment for conducting experiments to give students extensive practical experience. A Departmental Library is also maintained for reference and enrichment of knowledge.

IT & Resource Centre

The IT Centre of the school serves as the Infotech hub.

The central control of the Campus IT Infrastructure including latest technology and tools is maintained by a team of IT professionals.

The IT Centre is equipped with multiple world class servers, storage systems, cloud application and firewall, etc. The following servers, systems and applications are managed by the IT team-

  • CCTV Security System
  • Public Address System
  • Smart Attendance System
  • Wi-Fi Network Management
  • Smart classes
  • Mobile Apps and Cloud Application
  • GPS System
  • Server Management
  • Data Management
  • Web Application

The IT Centre has an exclusive area where teachers can do their research work.

The Resource Centre for teachers is equipped with the latest software, internet facility and cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.


The classrooms are spacious, well-illuminated, airy and conducive to a good learning environment.

They are child friendly and cater to the needs of differently abled students.

Each classroom in the school is a Smart Class which enhances the teaching-learning process.

To provide sensorial stimulations, the walls of Montessori rooms are decorated with children’s work, giving a strong sense of ownership and pride. The furniture is designed to allow communication and collaborative learning.

Performing Arts

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

  • Students learn to play varied string instruments, percussion instruments and wind instruments, and are also trained in Indian Classical Vocal music.
  • The students are trained in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Folk and Freestyle.
  • The Music and Dance faculty organises Samman Diwas, a cultural programme dedicated to the Indian Army.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre  provides preventive healthcare and First Aid to students and staff of the School. It is managed by a full-time qualified doctor, nurse, and an attendant. The school collaborates with the Private Health Care Agency for regular health check-ups of the students as well as the staff.

The facilities provided are:

  • Emergency and First-aid medications.
  • B.P & Sugar monitoring kit.
  • Annual health check-ups of students in Term-I and a follow up in Term-II.
  • Team of medical specialists for eye, dental and general check-up from the Health Care Agency.
  • Computerized reports of the check-up are given to the parents.
  • Records of students with special medical needs are maintained in the medical room.
  • Regular health awareness sessions are organised for students, staff and parents.

Visual Arts

‘Every artist was an amateur’ – Emerson
If you open yourself to art, you will allow this entire world of creativity to literally transform you as a human being.
Appreciation of art is inculcated among the students through sculpture, painting, tie and dye, screen printing and calligraphy.

The journey of discovering art is traversed through a plethora of activities, and the work done is displayed within and outside the school. Regular visits to Museums, Art Camps and galleries are organised to inculcate the aesthetic skill.


The Amphitheatre is an open-air invigorating area of the campus that promises to be a retreat for innovative and activity-based learning ,entertainment and competitions at various levels.

Conference Room

It is a state-of-the- art room used for meetings and conferences of the Managing Committee, staff and students.


The School Playground is spread over an area of 6 acres. It has been divided into blocks for various sports activities, which promote sportsmanship and a healthy spirit of competition. The infrastructural facilities include :

  • Athletic Throwing Area
  • Cricket Pitch  (with floodlights)
  • Basketball Courts (with floodlights)
  • Volleyball Ground
  • Football Ground (with floodlights)
  • Skating Rink
  • Golf Putting Area
  • Open Gym
  • National Standard Gymnastic apparatus with crash mats
  • A separate playing area with swings installed for the tiny tots.


  • The school canteen has a fully equipped kitchen that serves hygienic food to the students.
  • Seasonal Vegetables are served to provide a balanced diet to the students.
  • Wholesome and nutritious Mid-Day Meals are prepared for the Montessori and Primary classes as per the guidelines given by  the nutritionist from  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
  • The Mother Dairy kiosk provides healthy and nourishing beverages and desserts.

Activity Room - Montessori Wing

  • The Activity Room is a happy place designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. It allows children to learn and play in many ways – by themselves, in pairs, in small groups, in large groups, on the tables, or on the floor.
  • All the items are scaled to the child’s size including furniture, shelves and other kinds of Montessori material.
  • Bright and colourful ambience laden with fascinating and interesting pictures on the boards offer the children, sensory and intellectual stimulation.
  • A stage is set up to help the tiny tots shed inhibitions and encourage public speaking.
  • All areas incorporate open spaces that allow children to freely move around while completing their activities.
  • It serves as a Resource Room for teachers as it is equipped with books, manuals and journals on Early Childhood Care and Education. It also has a large collection of story books for children which includes colourful story books like Panchtantra, Fairy Tales, Pop Up Books and Picture Books.

Open Gym

Open Gym, a diverse outdoor recreation system, has been installed in the school premises to help students lead an active lifestyle. It has light physical fitness equipment to instil the idea of basic fitness among students. To ensure that any improvement becomes sustainable, the equipment is integrated into structured physical education class on a weekly basis.

Rain Water Harvesting

In alignment with the vision of UNICEF “safe water and adequate sanitation are as important to quality education as pencils, books and teachers”, the School has implemented one of the most effective rainwater harvesting designs in the internal and external design of school buildings. Sustainable methods and techniques have been followed to ensure water conservation and alternative water use for school facilities.

The campus has been divided into 3 catchment areas for the same.


More than 70% of rain water is harvested and used for gardening and groundwater replenishment through aquifers.

Rain Water Harvesting not only educates children about the dire need to preserve drinking water but also encourages a responsible attitude towards the environment and sets a perfect example for the next generation.

Safety & Security

We understand education and development are important, but nothing matters more than the safety of our children. Our teachers and staff take great care to ensure safety at school by creating a safe and healthy environment that allows children to learn without boundaries - creating a world of endless possibilities for themselves. We have the following measures in place to ensure the safety, health and security of our children.


  • Police verification of all staff is undertaken before they assume their duties in the school.
  • It is mandatory for support staff to wear a designated uniform and an I-Card. Their attendance is marked at the entry gate, where they are frisked. Meetings of MTS with the Administrative Officer and the Principal are held every week.
  • Along with the periodic briefings, trainings and welfare activities are provided to ensure that they have a sense of belongingness and attachment to the school.


  • The campus is secured so that only authorized staff may enter.
  • No child is handed over to any unknown person without written authorization and proper identification.
  • Campus is equipped with fire extinguishers.
  • All visitors have to fill their details at the school gate and can enter only after a visitor’s pass has been issued to them. In the premises, their movement is restricted to the reception area.


  • There is a clear demarcation of washrooms for students, female staff and male staff.
  • There are separate washrooms for the MTS. Only female attendants are on duty outside the washrooms for students.

Sensitization & Awareness

  • Children are educated about ‘good touch and bad touch’. The parents are also urged to speak to their children regarding this issue.
  • Periodic fire/ disaster drills are conducted to practice evacuation and prepare the children for any eventuality/ emergency.

CCTV & PA System

  • CCTV’s have been installed at strategic locations in the school such as at the entry gates, corridors and around the building.
  • PA system has been installed in the school to disseminate important information and to monitor the classes

Health Checkup

  • The Faculty monitors the child for any symptoms of illness during the day and notifies the parents when their child does not feel well.
  • Medical check-ups of children are done by a team of doctors from a reputed Hospital and report is sent to parents.
  • We have strict policies for administering medication to children. We require a doctor’s note for any medication, given to a child to ensure his/her safety.

GPS Tracking

The safety of children is of paramount importance for the School. Keeping this in mind, School Buses are fitted with AIS 140 compliance GPS device with a Panic button in case of any emergency transforming our fleet of buses effortlessly into Smart Buses.

They are also equipped with Surveillance Cameras that allow the school and the parents, through the mobile app, to gain visibility, safety and control into the GPS location of the school buses at every stop along the route. The system not only ensures the safety of children but also helps parents to be aware of their whereabouts at all times.

Disaster Management

Disaster management focuses on reducing the loss caused by calamity and making people more resilient to disasters. An emergency response system has been established by the School to reduce the vulnerability of such unforeseen circumstances and instill essential lifesaving skills among students. 

  • A Disaster Management Committee comprising both teachers and students has been constituted to  ensure better preparedness.
  • Regular safety drills and training programs are conducted to sensitize students, teachers, and other staff members who can respond appropriately to the complications of an actual disaster. 
The evacuation layout plan, emergency phone numbers and important instructions have been put up at all strategic locations including each classroom, library and  laboratories.


Code for Transport Users: ​

1. The School provides transport to the students on ‘No profit, No loss’ basis.
2. The School will be fully authorized to change routes/ stops depending on traffic conditions and the number of students enrolled for a route.
3. Stops indicated may vary by plus-minus 300 meters and no representation will be accepted.
4. Bus routes will not run if the strength of students utilizing a bus falls below 75% of the seating capacity. In such a case, the bus will be withdrawn with one month’s notice to parents and extra amount if any, shall be refunded.
5. Routes may be merged under demanding circumstances or to make it more economical for the parents. This may increase/decrease the commuting time for students. The school solicits cooperation from the parents for the same.
6. The School bus facility is based on an annual contract with a vendor. Hence, no withdrawal, except on taking TC, will be possible in the middle of the session.
7. In case of non-payment of fees every month/quarter, the bus facility will be withdrawn.
8. Students must reach the designated bus stop at the scheduled time as the bus will only wait for 30 seconds. Students will only be handed over to the authorized representative at the designated bus stop.
9. Any student found indulging in acts of violence or indiscipline in the bus shall be liable to disciplinary action against him/her. In such a case, the bus facility may be withdrawn.
10. All parents whose wards are not availing Transport arranged by the School need to submit an undertaking available at the school reception/ website.
Note: It is the sole responsibility of the parents to drop and pick up their wards, in case the School is not able to provide transport.



Start Time at 06.30 A.M.
Model Town II & III, Derawal Nagar- Malwa Taxi Stand – G.T. Karnal Road Opposite Derawal Nagar – Kalyan Vihar – Rana Partap Bagh – Roop Nagar – Shakti Nagar Crossing – Nangia Park – P.S. Gulabi Bagh – Gulabi Bagh Chowk – Anand Parvat – Dev Nagar – Ravidas Marg Karol Bagh  –  School.


Start Time at 06.30 A.M
Rohini Sec- 9, – Sec.-13 D.C. Chowk – Jindal Public School – Sai Baba Chowk – Madhuban Chowk – Oasis Hotel Mahindra Park Rani Bagh – Samrat Enclave – East Punjabi Bagh Metro Station – Ashoka Park Metro Station – Liberty Cinema – Ramjas Road – Regar Pura – Prasad Nagar – School.


Start Time at 06.30 A.M. 
BE Block Janakpuri – Maharaja Surajmal Institute – C2 Block Janakpuri – Virender Nagar (Aggarwal Sweets) – Lajwanti Garden Flyover – DB Block Hari Nagar – Hari Nagar Clock tower – Dewan Sweets Hari Nagar – Gulab House – Mayapuri – Naraina A Block – Gurudwara – C, D Block Naraina – Inderpuri  – School.


Start Time at 06.35 A.M.
Furniture Market – Fire Station Kirti Nagar (Satguru Ram Singh Marg) – SD Public School – Hanuman Mandir – Namdhari Colony – C Block – Kirti Nagar (Arya Samaj Mandir) – Kirti Nagar Gurudwara – Chhabra Properties – Patel Road Main Road – School.


Start Time at 06.25 A.M.
Satyawati College – Ashok Vihar (Water Tank) – Montfort School – H Block – Ramakrishna Mandir – A Block – Deep Cinema Ashok Vihar – Laxmi Bai College – Gulabi Bagh Inside – Pratap Nagar Metro Station – Krishan Ganj – P. S. Sarai Rohilla – Liberty Cinema Rohtak Road – Khalsa Collage – Ravi Das Marg – School.


Start Time at 06.35 A.M.
Rajouri Garden MIG Flats – Cambridge School – Subhash Nagar Block 3, 4, 6, 2/3, 17 Block – Swarg Ashram – Guru Nanak Public School – Vikrant Enclave (Mayapuri) – HDFC Bank (Main Market Rajouri Garden) – Ring Road Raja Garden – Mayapuri Flyover – Naraina – Inderpuri – Todapur – School.


Start Time at 06.45 A.M.
West Patel Nagar – Inside West Patel Nagar – K Block West Patel Nagar – 28 Block West Patel Nagar – Anand Nursing Home – Patel Park – School.


Start Time at 06.30 A.M.
Nirankari Colony Camp – Mukherjee Nagar – BBM Depot – Kingsway Camp – Vijay Nagar – Roop Nagar – Ramjas College – Kirorimal College – Malka Ganj – Ghanta Ghar – Azad Market – Faiz Road – School.


Start Time at 06.40 A.M.
Tilak Nagar Rajouri Garden MIG Flat – Cambridge School – Subhash Nagar Block 3, 4, 6, 2/3, 17 Block – Swarg Ashram – Guru Nanak Public School – Vikrant Enclave (Mayapuri) – HDFC Bank (Main Market Rajouri Garden) – Ring Road Raja Garden – Mayapuri Flyover – Naraina – Inderpuri – Todapur – School.


Start Time at 06.45 A.M.
North Avenue – R.M.L – Gole Dak Khana – Gole Market – Panchkuain Road – Minto Road – Ajmeri Gate – Pahar Ganj – R. K. Ashram Metro Station – School.


Start Time at 06.30 A.M.

Civil Line (Rajpur Road) – Raj Niwas Marg – Alipur Road – Vidhan Sabha – DMS Dairy Timarpur – Lucknow Road DRDO Complex – Mall Apartments – Delhi University Metro Station – Malka Ganj Chowk – Subzi Mandi Chowk – Roshnara Road – Azad Market – Filmistan – Faiz Road (Karol Bagh) – School.



Start Time at 06.30 A.M.

Airport Apartment (Vikas Puri) – Oxford School – Gurudwara Vikas Puri – H Block Vikas Puri – Vikas Kunj – Gurudwara Vikas Puri More – CRPF Camp – Meera Bagh – Paschim Vihar – Navbharat Apartment Paschim Vihar – Paschim Puri Chowk – West Punjabi Bagh (Club Road) – Roxy Dry Cleaner Punjabi Bagh – Aacharya Bhikshu Hospital Moti Nagar – Jhule Lal Mandir – Karampura – Moti Nagar – Patel Nagar Main Road – School.


Starts Time at 06.50 A.M.
A, B, C Block Inderpuri inside – Todapur – School.


Start Time at 06.40 A.M.
Chacha Nehru Park Ramesh Nagar – Metro Station – Kirti Nagar A & B Block Kirti Nagar – D & F Block Kirti Nagar – H Block – Euro Kids Kirti Nagar – School.


Start Time at 06.40 A.M.
Tagore Garden Metro Station – Vishal Enclave – R. G. Stone Hospital – Shivaji College D Block – Rajouri Garden Metro Station – Ramesh Nagar Metro Station – Moti Nagar Metro Station – Shadipur- School.


Start Time at 06.45 A.M.
MCD Office Ramesh Nagar – Radhey Shayam Mandir Mansarover Garden – Water Tank – Saraswati Garden – Furniture Market Kirti Nagar – Rajouri Garden Metro Station – E Block Rajouri Garden – DMS Booth Ramesh Nagar – Dolphin Gallery – Rattan Dairy – Arya Samaj Mandir Mansarover Garden – F Block Mansarover Garden – Water Tank – Shadipur Main Road – School.


Start Time at 06.50 A.M.
DLF Capital Green – Moti Nagar – Shadipur Depot – Patel Nagar Main Road – School.


Start Time at 06.25 A.M.
GH-14 Paschim Vihar – Milansar Apartment – Peeragarhi DTC Stand – Multan Nagar – Madipur – East Punjabi Bag Inside – Karampura – Shadipur – Patel Nagar – School.


Start Time at 06.35 A.M.
Sanatan Dharam Mandir (Ring Road Naraina) – Red Light Crossing – Gurudwara Naraina – PVR Naraina – Todapur – School.


Start Time at 06:35 A.M.

A & D Block Vatika Apartment – Shadley School Subhash Nagar Block (10/11) Subhash Nagar – Rajouri Garden (HP Petrol Pump) & Market – HDFC Bank – Relxo Show Room Rajouri Garden – Loha Mandi – A Block Naraina Florist,– Gurudwara Naraina – H Block Naraina – Payal Cinema – Krishi Kunj – Inderpuri Main Road  –Todapur –School.


Start Time at 06:40 A.M.
West Patel Nagar– K Block – 28 Block – Patel Park – Patel Hospital – East Patel Nagar – School.


Start Time at 06:35 A.M.
R–Block Mother Dairy – New Rajendra Nagar Main Market – Bikaner Sweets Old Rajinder Nagar – IARI Pusa Campus in Side – NPL Colony Main Road – R Block New Rajendra Nagar – Shanker Road – School.


Start Time at 06:35 A.M.
Keshav Puram- Shastri Nagar Shiv Mandir- Shastri Nagar Metro Station- Vivekanand Puri-Sarai rohilla- Ajmal Khan Park- Jeevan Mala Hospital – Braham Kumari – P. S. Karol Bagh-Tenk Road – Dev nagar- Prashad Nagar – School.


Start Time at 07.40 A.M.
PUSA Campus – NPL Colony-New Rajinder Nagar – Old Rajinder – Shankar Road – School.


Start Time at 07: 20 A.M.
West Patel Nagar – Inside West Patel Nagar– West Patel Nagar K Block – 28 Block West Patel Nagar – Patel Park- Prasad Nagar – School.


Start Time at 06:45 A.M.
Shastri Nagar- Inder Lok- Kanhaiya nagar metro STN.- Tri Nagar – Keshav Puram – Ashok Vihar – Water Tank Ashok Vihar – Laxmi Bai College- Bharat Nagar – Pratap Nagar Metro Station – Sarai Rohilla – Liberty Cinema – Dev Nagar Guru Ravidas Marg – Sat Nagar Main Road – School.


Start Time at 07:00 A.M.

Kirti Nagar Kotak Mahindra – Round About Kirti Nagar- Gurudwara Ramesh Nagar–Samudaay Bhawan Ramesh Nagar –  Water Tank – DMS Booth Ramesh Nagar – Ramesh Nagar Metro Station – Red Light Raja Garden –  Kukreja Hospital – Moti Nagar – Pandav Nagar– Gate No.2 Krishi Kunj – Main Road Inder Puri – School.


Start Time at 07:00 A.M.
GTB Metro Station – Mukherjee Nagar -DRDO Complex –Civil lane-Mall Road- Rajpur Road– Bara Hindu Rao Hospital –Barf Khana- Azad Market Chowk – Filmistan Cinema – Rohtak Road Braham Kamari Ashram – Jeevan Mala Hospital– Ramjas Road– Hathi Wala Chowk Karol Bagh – Regar Pura – MTNL Office – School.


Start Time at 07:00 A.M.
Punjabi Bagh Club Road – Gurudwara Punjabi Bagh – East Punjabi Bagh – New Moti Nagar– Karam Pura – DLF Moti Nagar – Red Light Moti Nagar – Shadi Pur Main Road– Main Road Patel Nagar– School.


Start Time at 07:00 AM.

Vijay Nagar- Model Town – Kingsway Camp –– Rana Pratap Bagh – C.C. Colony – Shakti Nagar– Nangia Park – Gulabi Bagh Police Station – Pratap Nagar Metro Station – Vivekanand Puri – Sarai Rohilla – Liberty Cinema (Karol Bagh) – Guru Ravi Das Marg –P.S. Prasad Nagar – School.

School Admin Officer : School Transport Incharge :
Hon. Cap. Kallu Singh : 91-9013374483 Shri Sumer Chand : 91-9873800408
Shri Sunder Singh : 91-7046628394

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