To Motherland, With Love...
Samman Diwas

Salwan Public School is committed to ensuring that the fundamental values upheld by the Indian Armed Forces are introduced, discussed and practised in our institution.

The Blood Donation Camp for the Armed Forces and their families is a pioneering initiative undertaken by the school every year since 1995. The camp is organized in association with the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre in the school premises. Students, parents, teachers and other members of the Salwan fraternity do their bit to serve the country by donating blood. They also visit the Army Hospital with gifts and handmade get well soon cards for the patients.

The spirit of service kindled by the Blood Donation Camp is further set ablaze by making the day special for our Fauji Brethren through 'Samman Diwas' celebrations. The walls of the school resound with patriotic fervour as we honour the brave soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces. Salwan Public School is the only educational institution in India where students from K to 12, their parents, guardians and teachers get the opportunity to interact with the Officers, Jawans, Veer Naaris& the families of Martyrs to reassure them that whether it is peace or the nation is at war, the Salwanians always hold them close to their hearts with the greatest of admiration. The event aims at sensitizing students towards the selfless services being rendered by the Guardians of our Frontiers.

The presence of the ‘brave’ instills in students, deep patriotism for their motherland as well as gratitude towards our brave soldiers. Sagas of undaunted courage shared by the bravehearts stir the emotions of the students. Face to Face interactions with the Jawans, Veer Naaris and the families of our brave martyrs ignite in them a burning desire to serve our motherland. The precious moments spent with the valiant soldiers in olive green remain etched in the hearts of our students forever. Many of them feel so touched by the heart-rending tales of supreme sacrifices and unparalleled grit, that they are motivated to join the Defence Forces.