World Environment Day – June 2020

On the occasion of World Environment Day i.e. 5th June 2020 the School conducted an Essay Writing Competition for all the classes. The aim was to sensitize the students towards the burning issues of Climate Change and the fast depleting natural resources. The competition also aimed to encourage the students to contribute their bit in preserving the environment. The topics assigned were –

Primary : I-V – Climate Change affects all of us, but there is Hope!
Middle : VI- X – Eco friendly Lockdown Period
Senior : XI-XII -Term Impacts of Climate Change add up to a Planetary Emergency.

Students enthusiastically participated in the competition and submitted their entries online. They were judged on the basis of content, fluency and accuracy. The winners of the competition are as follows-

Primary1. Aarav Malik (VA)
2. Aryan Khemani (VB)
3. Namit Kalra (VB)
Middle1. Drish Goel (VIII D)
2. Saksham Bidani (VII E)
3. Dhruvika (VIIIA)
4. Veer (VI E)
Senior1. Dhriti Chaudhary (XI B)
2. Mansha Gupta (XII G)
3. Vansh Khattar (XI B)
4. Anand Misra (X C)

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