World Dance Day Celebrations

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

To commemorate and mark the significance of World Dance Day, a special event was organised on 29th April 2023 in the School Amphitheatre. The budding artists and dancers of the school presented their innate talent amidst loud cheer and encouragement.

Five students along with a teacher had the privilege to attend a Classical Dance Performance on 29 April 2023 at Natya Tarangini Performing Arts Centre organised by the Raja Radha Reddy Cultural Society, as part of World Dance Day Celebrations. The different dance forms showcased the rich cultural heritage of India and accentuated the need to preserve and promote classical dance forms. The legendary artists Uma Sharma, Padma Subramanyam, Madhavi Mudgal, Kalavati Devi, Kalaratnam Kala Vijayan and Raja Radha Reddy mesmerised everyone with their performances.

The Social Science Department of the school highlighted the rich cultural and musical heritage of the country through an exceptional display of the Heritage Panel in the school.

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