Workshops by the Heritage Club

In a dedicated effort to champion and preserve our cultural heritage, UPNIDHI, the Youth Heritage Club of our school, orchestrated the following workshops:

  • Traditional Art Forms Workshop (December 1, 2023): This event brought together participants from sister Salwan schools, all eager to actively engage in the preservation and celebration of our cultural legacy. Renowned artisans Padma Shri Hem Chandra Goswami and Padma Shri Ajay Kumar Mandvi led the sessions, which were designed to boost cultural awareness and foster a deep understanding of various cultural heritages, traditional practices, and the revival of intangible cultural elements. The workshop also emphasised skill development through hands-on activities, providing practical knowledge to the enthusiastic participants.
  • Madhubani Art Workshop (December 7, 2023): Geared towards students from classes VIII and IX, this workshop aimed to cultivate a profound understanding of diverse cultural heritages and traditional practices, with a special focus on revitalising intangible cultural elements. Similar to the Traditional Art Forms Workshop, there was an emphasis on skill development through hands-on activities, offering practical knowledge and enhancing the participants’ artistic abilities.

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