Workshop on Traffic Safety Rules

The Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) and the Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC) collaborated to host an engaging and educational Traffic Safety Rules Workshop at Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar on 26th July 2023. The workshop was specifically tailored for students of classes III, IV & V, aiming to acquaint the young learners with road safety measures, in a fun-filled manner.

The primary goal of the workshop was to provide essential information about road etiquette in a manner that captivated and delighted the participants, ensuring an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. Students were involved in “Decode the Riddles,” which encouraged critical thinking about road situations. Students were also taught about traffic signals using a lively “Dance with Colour Boards” activity, where they connected movements with the corresponding red, green, and yellow lights. A quiz on traffic rules/road safety added an element of excitement and friendly competition. Furthermore, role-playing scenarios enabled students to apply their knowledge practically, emphasizing pedestrian safety and road-crossing practices.

The workshop successfully instilled the importance of road safety in the young minds, fostering responsible and cautious road users.

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