Webinar on Visible Learning for Teachers – Jan 2021

Under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust, a three-day webinar on the topic ‘Visible Learning for Teachers’ was conducted from 6th – 8th January 2021. The sessions were conducted by Ms Seema Malik, Principal Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar. The sessions encouraged the teachers to act as facilitators in the teaching learning process, as their beliefs and commitments are the greatest influence on students’ holistic development. The highlights of the sessions were –

  • A teacher who teaches visibly will make her student learn also visibly. This can be achieved by being a critical evaluator of one’s own impact on the students, by introspecting the teaching done and setting high standards for self.
  • Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is explicit, and the goal is transparent and is set in a stimulating and safe environment.
  • Experts and experienced teachers do not differ in the amount of knowledge that they have, they differ in how they organize and use this knowledge. Experts possess knowledge that is integrated and make lessons unique by changing, combining, and adding to the resources according to the students’ needs and their own teaching goals.

Teachers’ queries were also addressed at the end of each session. The sessions were quite enriching and motivated the participants to devise strategies to make the teaching learning process a visible one

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