Webinar on Redefining Success – Jan 2021

Under the aegis of the Salwan Education Trust, a Webinar on ‘Redefining Success’ was conducted by Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar in collaboration with Konark Publishers on 23rd January 2021. The aim of the event was to connect Salwanians with an author and accomplished alumni to inspire them to aim high and realize their full potential. The book, ‘Mantras for Success – What it Takes to Reach the Top’ authored by Mr. Shiv Malik was the focus of the webinar.

Ms. Jyotsna Grover, Officiating Principal, Salwan Public School, initiated the session along with the student moderators – Tanishka Khokhar (XI C), Yatharth Dahuja (XI A), Kanak Sharma (IX B) and Manvi Taneja (XI E) by discussing the meaning of success for different individuals. An exciting opinion poll was conducted wherein the participants also chose their definition of  ‘Success’. Most felt that success means a chance to serve the society and make a difference, while for others success is leading a stress-free life or doing the impossible.

The student moderators introduced the panellists, Mr. Shiv Malik, a corporate leader and consultant, Former Chairman and Managing Director of PEC Ltd. and MMTC Ltd., Author of the book ‘Mantras For Success- What it Takes to Reach the Top’; Mr. Naresh Priyadarshi (an alumnus of the school), CEO, Innovation and Incubation Centre, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D); Ms. Shubhra Prakash (an alumna of the school), a Theatre-Maker, Writer, Educator and Web Developer, Author of  ‘Priya’s Mask’- the fourth comic in ‘Priya’s Shakti’ series; and Mr. Jasmeet Singh (an alumnus of the school), a Psychologist, currently pursuing his PhD in Occupational Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

The Panel Discussion… Inspiring Young Impressionable Minds

Ms. Jyotsna Grover initiated the discussion and shared that the book is a comprehensive guide for Generation Z, as it focuses on the essential values, attitudes, habits, and life skills that lay the foundation for success. The student moderators carried the discussion forward, by asking Mr. Shiv Malik about his risky decision of shifting from a settled career to taking over the reins of the then debt laden MMTC. Mr. Malik replied that just as mountaineers undertake risky expeditions simply for the thrill, he was also keen to understand why the Public Sector companies could not perform. Later, under his guidance MMTC became a leading player in the market. He stated that if we take a firm stand about doing something and most importantly, doing it right, we can overcome all fears and inhibitions.

Mr. Naresh Priyadarshi added that for him the trigger to risk-taking was the availability of the formal platform that gave him the opportunity to work in the Education Sector by exploring and navigating the innovative ecosystem of start-ups. Mr. Priyadarshi also emphasized that his positive outlook and optimism helped him face challenges.

Mr. Sushil Dutt Salwan, Chairman, Salwan Education Trust asked Mr. Shiv Malik to elaborate on the importance of courage and conviction in life. According to Mr. Malik, courage is required at every step of decision making. He also stated that schools should lay stress on character building. Monetary stature should not be the benchmark of success, rather happiness and inner satisfaction are of paramount importance.

Ms. Shubhra Prakash added that the most important thing essential for success is the understanding that there is a bigger world outside ‘self’. Whatever one sets out to do is like a ripple, which creates an effect that goes beyond oneself. So, we must always think carefully about the impact of our actions on others.

Mr. Jasmeet Singh said that one can carve a niche for oneself in any field by being practical, focused and optimistic. One should always try to grab the opportunities for actualizing one’s potential.

After discussing about the success stories of the panellists and the unconventional path taken by each one of them, an invigorating opinion poll was conducted on ‘the most important ingredient of success’. Most of the participants felt that ‘Passion’ is the most important ingredient of  ‘success’.

Forging Ahead… Encouraging the Future-Leaders of Our Nation

After the opinion poll, Mr. Priyadarshi stated that passion and resilience play a crucial role in an individual’s journey to success as they help in facing adversities and overcoming hurdles. Mr. Shiv Malik suggested that stress should be laid on building trust among employees by giving them freedom to make decisions and by providing opportunities for their career growth.

Ms. Grover sought Ms. Shubra Prakash’s opinion on promoting a gadget-free time, despite being an IT Professional. Ms. Shubhra laid emphasis on the fact that It is necessary to limit our screen time and we must utilize our time fruitfully and productively. “A lot of answers to life are found in solitude”, she added.

Mr. Jasmeet advised the students to remain focused on their goals and use technology to their advantage in a balanced manner. Mr. Shiv Malik motivated the students to be future-ready by imbibing essential qualities, attitudes and life-skills. The students should be encouraged to work towards solving problems and seeking solutions collaboratively.

The Way Forward…
Ms. Grover moved the Vote of Thanks. She expressed her gratitude towards the panellists for their valuable guidance. She concluded by quoting a statement from the book, ‘Mantras for Success’, ”Man’s potential is infinite; one should try to discover the purpose and mission of one’s life and try to achieve it.”

The webinar provided an intriguing, enriching, and enlightening experience for the Salwanians! The path-breaking journey of each of the esteemed panellists and the profound experiences shared by them will certainly have a far-reaching impact on the lives of the Salwanians.

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