Trip to Pangot, Nainital

During the Summer Vacation of 2022, Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar organized an Adventure Trip to Pangot for more than 250 students from classes IV to IX with Rocksport Pvt Ltd.

The students reached the school with their parents in great excitement and anticipation. A range of activities, such as zipline, rappelling, burma bridge, rock climbing, etc., were conducted so that the students could appreciate the beauty of nature whilst participating in them.

In the beginning of the activity, the instructor methodically demonstrated how the activity should be performed and explained how the safety gear should be used. Besides overcoming fear, students learned discipline and learned to use their motor skills for better coordination through these activities.

With great enthusiasm and vigour, the students took part in the activities. Health was of utmost importance during the students’ stay. They were provided with nutritious and delicious meals at regular intervals in order to ensure that they had ample energy to perform the tasks.

This Summer adventure seemed to have invigorated the children with a new spring in their step!

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