Shakespeare Day Celebrations

The school once again embraced the celebration of Shakespeare Day with great fervour on April 23 2024, commemorating the timeless legacy of the renowned wordsmith. The event unfolded with an enlightening discourse on Shakespeare, wherein students eloquently elucidated the profound impact of his literary masterpieces.

Following the insightful talk, the stage came alive with captivating enactments and poignant poetry recitations portraying Shakespeare’s iconic ‘Seven Ages’. Students from classes XI and XII took center stage, delivering a thought-provoking presentation on William Shakespeare’s enduring relevance in contemporary society. The highlight of the event was a mesmerizing performance by the talented students of class IX, who skilfully rendered Caesar’s renowned oration from the timeless play, Julius Caesar.

The celebration served as a poignant reminder of Shakespeare’s enduring influence on literature and the human condition. The celebration of Shakespeare Day stood as a testament to the enduring power of literature to transcend time and connect hearts across ages.

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