Salwanians Promote Cleanliness Awareness

In a commendable demonstration of their commitment to cleanliness and social responsibility, the students of Salwan Public School  initiated a Cleanliness Drive. The drive was not just limited to keeping the classrooms and immediate surroundings clean; but young students went a step further by encouraging others to follow suit. They embody the school’s motto, ‘Service before Self,’ and align with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’s objectives by taking action to create a cleaner environment.

As part of this initiative, a Nukkad Natak was  organised by Class VIII students in the bustling Rajender Nagar Market. By conducting it in a busy market, the students ensured that their message reached a wide and diverse audience.  The purpose of this street play was to sensitise both shopkeepers and customers to the importance of maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings. This demonstrates a proactive and creative approach to spreading awareness, and it serves as a model for how individuals can contribute to society positively.

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