Residential Adventure Programme – Mussoorie

Residential Adventure Programme- Mussoorie
For Classes IV-V

A  three-day adventure camp (15th May 2023- 19th May 2023) was conducted in picturesque Mussoorie for students of classes IV-V. It was a remarkable experience for all participants. From water scrambling and raft building to ziplines and rappelling, the activities provided an exhilarating dose of adventure. The students displayed exceptional teamwork and learned valuable skills such as tent pitching. They not only learned valuable skills but also developed a deep appreciation for nature, teamwork, and personal growth.

The weather played its part, with drizzles and gentle breezes adding an enchanting touch to the overall experience. Nature’s presence enhanced the enjoyment and created a magical backdrop for the students’ adventures.

The final day brought excitement with gorilla war games, fostering strategic thinking and friendly competition. Reflective journal writing allowed participants to capture their thoughts and emotions, while the prize distribution ceremony recognized their achievements.

The activities were engaging and perfectly balanced, providing a mix of physical challenges and opportunities for personal growth. The professional instructors from RockSport Residential Programme ensured a safe and supportive environment throughout the camp, allowing the students to push their boundaries and showcase their strategic thinking and collaboration skills during activities.

The memories forged during these three days will remain etched in their hearts, serving as a reminder of their remarkable journey in the embrace of Mussoorie’s natural wonders.

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