Movie Screening


On Monday, 21st August 2023, the young learners from the nursery and pre-primary classes of Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar, were divided into groups and were guided by their teachers and supporting personnel to partake in a unique cinematic endeavour. The outing encompassed screenings of two captivating animated adventure films: ‘The Super Mario Bros’ at PVR PLAZA and ‘Paw Patrol’ at PVR Rivoli.

These films, known for their vibrant hues and dynamic chaos, delivered comprehensive entertainment for the young audience. Throughout the outing, the students were brimming with excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm. The animation quality, which was exceptional, contributed to the enjoyment that commenced from the very beginning of the films. Numerous moments of humour elicited laughter from the students.

The day was filled with amusement and satisfaction, and the return to the school premises was marked by the students’ cheerful and contented demeanour.

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