Interactive Session with the Parents of Class X Students

An online interactive session was organized for the parents of Class X students on 3rd September 2022 to address the issues related to emotional & mental health of their wards. The session was convened by the Principal, Vice Principal, School Counselor and Coordinator to help parents understand the challenges faced by adolescents.

The highlights of the session are as follows:

  • The changes taking place in a child’s brain and mental processes due to puberty & adolescence.
  • Ways to deal with the child’s involvement with online tools and gadgets.
  • Upcoming changes in the field of education like CUCET, NEP 2020, stream neutral careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Importance of expressing “love and affection” to the kids through words.
  • Increased communication with the teachers for a better understanding of the child’s academic needs.
  • Importance of helping students discover their interest areas.

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