Interaction with eminent Author, Paro Anand

Salwan Education Trust organised an interactive session with Ms Paro Anand for young Salwanians on 23rd April 2024 in the school campus. Several sudents from schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust also attended the session. The session commenced with a green welcome extended to Ms Paro Anand by Ms Mukul Jha, Director Training, SET.

The event aimed to inspire young minds and foster a love for reading and storytelling. Students had the privilege of engaging with the renowned author, known for her captivating storytelling and impactful narratives.

Ms Anand began the session by discussing the essence of  story. She delighted the audience with anecdotes from her own life and stories from her books. She read excerpts from her books “ Like Smoke”,  “Wingless,” captivating the audience with her storytelling skills. The participants actively participated in a Q&A session, wherein they had the opportunity to ask questions about her writing style, life experiences, inspiration, and themes of her books.

In her closing remarks, Ms Paro Anand left the students with a powerful message that they have a choice. She emphasised that even in situations where they may feel helpless, such as instances of bullying, they always have the power to do something.  She motivated the students to continue reading and writing, reminding them that their stories have the power to make a difference in the world. Overall, the interaction with Ms Paro Anand was both enlightening and inspiring for the students.

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