Hariyali Mela – Van Mahotsav Celebration

The Hariyaali Mela – Van Mahotsav celebration held at Salwan Public School was an enthralling and enlightening event that extended over a week-long period, from 3rd July 2023 to 7th July 2023. Students from Nursery to Class V actively participated in a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering their deep-rooted love for nature and promoting environmental awareness.

The youngest participants, Nursery and KG students, revelled in captivating nature walks that allowed them to explore the wonders of the natural world firsthand. They also embraced their creativity through engaging collage making, where they skilfully crafted vibrant artworks using natural materials. In addition, they indulged in intricate leaf printing, where they marvelled at the intricate patterns imprinted by nature’s creations. The students also had the opportunity to experience the joy of potting plants, learning the importance of nurturing and caring for living organisms.

Class I students embarked on an enchanting green walk, donning colourful costumes that transformed them into living embodiments of plants and trees. With the skilful use of face painting and props, they further enhanced their portrayal and deepened their connection with the environment. This creative approach allowed them to understand the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

Class II students expressed their love and reverence for trees by adorning them with vibrant friendship bands carrying powerful messages such as “One Tree One Life” and “Save Trees, Save Lives.” This activity served as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions trees make to our lives and the urgent need for their preservation.

Class III students took the initiative to organize an impactful environment rally. Carrying colourful banners and posters, they marched with fervour, spreading awareness about the importance of protecting plants and trees. Through this rally, they aimed to instil a sense of responsibility in their peers and the wider community towards the environment.

Class IV delved into the realm of medicinal plants, conducting thorough research to uncover the diverse benefits and applications of various plant species. They shared their findings with enthusiasm, highlighting the crucial role of medicinal plants in traditional and modern medicine. This activity deepened their understanding of the intricate relationship between plants and human well-being.

Class V students showcased their creativity and understanding of the vital role trees play in sustaining our planet through a captivating poster-making activity. Their artwork eloquently conveyed the theme “Trees: Lifeline of our Planet,” serving as a visual representation of their appreciation and concern for the environment.

The week-long celebration of Hariyali Mela – Van Mahotsav successfully nurtured a profound connection to nature within the students. It heightened their awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting plants and trees, not only for the present generation but also for the generations to come. Through these engaging activities, the event served as a catalyst for environmental stewardship, inspiring the students to become responsible guardians of the Earth.

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