Graduation Ceremony – Primary

“Climb high, Climb far

Your goal the sky, your aim the star!”

The Graduation Ceremony for the students of Class V (Batch of 2021-2022) was organised on 14th March 2022. The young Salwanians were overwhelmed with excitement as they donned graduation caps and celebrated their progress from the primary wing to the senior wing. It was a proud moment for the Salwanians as they received Certificates from the Principal, Ms. Priyanka Barara and the Headmistress, Ms. Rashi Oberoi. The students of the outgoing batch of Class V shared their memorable experiences that would remain etched in their hearts forever. They also shared their feelings and emotions on this momentous occasion. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards their teachers for laying a strong foundation for their all-round development. The young Salwanians pledged that they would always cherish and uphold the values inculcated in them during their wonderful journey in the primary wing. The rising stars of Salwan expressed their joy and enthusiasm by presenting enthralling dances, songs and soul-stirring renditions.


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