Diwali Assembly

The school celebrated Diwali in an online mode, due to the escalating pollution levels in Delhi. The assembly commenced with an insightful exploration on the significance of the festival of lights, Diwali.

The senior and junior wings of the school showcased their talents through captivating dance performances. The primary wing presented the epic Ramayana in a poetic ballad, complemented by a powerful dance set to the song ‘Aarambh hai prachand,’ vividly portraying battlefield scenes, thereby exalting the glory of courage in war.

The senior wing’s exquisite performance centred around ‘Shree Ram Chandra,’ capturing the essence of the revered figure. The programme was streamed live on YouTube.

The assembly  concluded with the address of Ms Priyanka Barara, Principal, Salwan Public School wherein she highlighted the importance of eco-friendly celebrations, urging students to refrain from bursting crackers and promoting a green Diwali. This fusion of cultural richness and environmental consciousness marked a memorable and conscientious observance of the festival.

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