Children’s Day Celebration 2022

There is nothing more precious than the smiling faces of children and sounds of cheer and laughter. And that is just what was ensured on Children’s Day on 14th November 2022 in the environs of our School.

The celebrations began with a special assembly that included thrilling performances by the teachers including a special Kavi Sammelan, followed by a variety of fun-filled activities and games such as talent hunt show, pop up quiz, pyramid building, tattoo making etc.  The teachers recited humorous and satirical poems in Hindi based on students’ memorable experiences in school life. This was followed by an inspiring address by the Principal, Ms Priyanka Barara. In addition to various food stalls that were set up for the students, sports activities like Kho-Kho, Basketball and Football were also organised to lift the spirits of the students on their special day. Students enjoyed the class picnic with their classmates and danced their hearts out to the music beats. They were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.

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