Celebration of Heritage Week

The Social Science Department of Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar organised the Heritage Week from 18th April to 23rd April 2022 with an aim to raise awareness among students about the diversity of India’s cultural heritage and to sensitise them towards their role as the custodians of this cultural legacy.

As part of the celebrations, students from the Primary and the Senior sections experienced diverse forms of the country’s rich cultural legacy through well curated activities.

Day 1:-Visit to the School Heritage Panel
On day 1 the children of Class VI visited the School Heritage Panel which displayed various craft items from “The Weaver’s Loom” and other specialised Metal crafts from the different regions of the country. The evolution of Indian history was also traced with the help of archaeological artefacts and coins displayed in the panel. History students of class XII participated in a classroom activity called Itihas ki abhivyakti in which they recited/ enacted parts of Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Day 2:- Heritage Quiz
The School Amphitheatre pulsated with the excitement generated by the Heritage Quiz conducted for classes IX-XII on the 19th April. A wide variety of questions from India’s built heritage, dance forms, geographical features, historical legacy, environment and related bio-forms were part of several interesting rounds of the Quiz. Prattyush Kala (XII-E) and Hardik Batra (IX-E) of Team A won the quiz with a score of 170 points.

Day 3 :-Encouraging Performing Art: Music and Dance Show
Music and dance adds to the uniqueness of Indian culture and heritage. Lavanya Sachdeva of class XII-B presented a mesmerising rendition of Raag YAMAN (chota khayal) to the students of class VII on 20th April 2022. This was followed by a lecture- demonstration of YOGA ANTHEM, a fusion of yogic postures and Kuchipudi dance mudras by Ridhima Digpaul of class IX. Ananya Dogra of VIIIA mesmerised everyone with Bharatanatyam dance performance.

Day 4:-An Educational Trip to The National Museum
Students of Classes VIII, IX & XII visited the National Museum on 21st and 22nd April 2022. Through archaeological findings the students learned about the earliest civilization.

Day 5:- Light and Sound Show – The Red Fort
To create awareness about the architectural marvels of our country, an interactive session – STORIES IN STONE was conducted for the students of Class VI on 22nd April. The heritage of our country and the fusion of different cultures in the monuments of our country was discussed in an open house session.

Day 6:-Visit to National Agriculture Science Museum, Pusa Institute
To understand the rural landscape and practices associated with it since the historical past, the students of Classes VII and VIII visited the National Agricultural Science Museum at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute at Pusa, New Delhi on 23rd April. The educational excursion helped the students acquire an understanding of the customs, traditions and practices adopted by farmers.

A workshop was also organised in which the students had a first-hand experience of recreating replicas of the monuments from the Mughal era.

Events held for the primary section included curating the family museum, Know Thy Speech, Story Dramatisation, Role play and making decorative bookmarks with quotes and information about the cultural heritage.

Students participated enthusiastically in these activities in large numbers and made posters and brochures on Incredible India. They also wrote slogans on the topic “My Heritage, My Pride!’

The Heritage week not only celebrated the diversity of our cultural heritage but also the vulnerability and the efforts required for the preservation of our tangible and intangible heritage.

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