Celebrating Our Independence

‘A Journey to Freedom: Celebrating Our Independence’

A week-long celebrations were organised at the Primary wing of Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar from 7th August 2023 to 11th August 2023, to commemorate the 77th Independence Year. The celebrations were an exultant tribute to our nation’s illustrious heritage and the indomitable spirit of freedom. Presented under the overarching theme ‘A Journey to Freedom: Celebrating Our Independence,’ this series of events and competitions stood as a remarkable testament to the unwavering commitment and collective zeal of both students and teachers alike.

The festivities began with a Kite Making Activity by the students of  Class I, the children infused each creation with vibrant hues of patriotism. Class II elevated the harmony by participating in the Inter-Section Choir Singing Competition, weaving a tapestry of melodious patriotic tunes that resonated with the core of our national identity. The rhythm of our nation found its vivacious expression in Class III’s Inter-Section Folk Dance Competition, where a graceful fusion of diverse cultural traditions showcased our unity in diversity.

Class V, in its turn, took the stage to embody leadership and profound national pride through eloquent renditions of iconic speeches and timeless sonnets. Their impassioned delivery underscored the enduring relevance of our historical narratives. Class IV contributed a delightful layer of laughter with the Hasya Kavi Sammelan, a celebration of humour as an essential facet of our cherished freedom.

The grand crescendo arrived with the Special Assembly on 11th August 2023, harmonising inspiring speeches and captivating cultural performances. This finale captured the quintessence of our nation’s relentless journey to freedom. Indeed, this celebration became a vibrant testament to the unifying power of solidarity and the enduring values that eternally shape our nation’s course.

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