Career Fair

Salwan Public School hosted Career Fair on 22nd July 2023 for the students and parents of classes IX-XII. Representatives from 18 esteemed institutions across India and beyond graced the event. They enriched our students about the different career opportunities that can be pursued ahead.

The highlight of the event was the panel discussion featuring eminent professionals from diverse backgrounds: Shri Naresh Priyadarshi, CEO of IIIT Delhi Incubation Centre, Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Director ATDC, and Dr. Anshu Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Delhi University. Each shared their unique journey, enlightening over 1000 attendees on how to choose the right career and flourish in it.

Mr. Priyadarshi’s emphasis on entrepreneurship stressed the need to focus on problem-solving and collaboration, over and above commercial success.Ms. Kaur, focussed on the significance of vocational education and advised to have an interdisciplinary approach and in-depth research before selecting an appropriate career for themselves. Dr. Chaudhary’s heartfelt advice resonated deeply, urging students to identify their personal traits, believe in themselves, and break away from conventional scripts.

The discussion culminated with focusing on the need to instil 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and leadership in students. These skills, they suggested, would form a solid foundation for future careers, preparing the students for real-world challenges. The fair offered a comprehensive overview of different careers and set the stage for the students to explore, discover, and eventually, fulfil their career aspirations.

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