Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav

In the spirited celebration of Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav on December 11, 2023, students from the Primary Wing of Salwan Public School captivated hearts through their multilingual presentations. From Bengali to Marathi, Gujarati to Tamil, the young talents transported the audience through diverse linguistic landscapes. In this linguistic panorama, students transformed into iconic figures like Savitri Phule of Maharashtra and Rabindranath Tagore of Bengal, each embodying the essence of their respective cultures.

The performances were a testament to the versatility of Indian languages and traditions. The troupe of young Salwanians mesmerised the audience with an enchanting Gujarati performance, and a lively Gidda crom Punjab. The recitation of ‘Krishan ki Chetavni‘ and the reminder of ‘Ram ka Sangharsh’ showcased the festival’s comprehensive exploration of various genres and eras, rendering it a resounding success.

Ms. Rashi Oberoi, Head Primary Wing,  Salwan Public School, gracefully concluded the event, underscoring the pivotal role of languages in our daily lives. She encouraged the students to not only learn but also appreciate the richness of India’s linguistic heritage. The festival, with its kaleidoscopic presentations, not only celebrated languages but also instilled a profound sense of pride in our cultural diversity.

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