A Tribute to the Bard of Avon

“Shakespeare is not only the greatest playwright but also the greatest writer in the English language.” – Harold Bloom

To celebrate the literary achievements of the greatest English writer, William Shakespeare  a special assembly was held on 19th April 2023. The highlight of the assembly was the enactment of various scenes and monologues from Shakespeare’s important works by the students of Class VIII and IX.

 Monologues and soliloquies brought to life the characters of Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Antony, and Portia, among others. The passionate performances by the students captivated the audience with their energy and enthusiasm. The spectacular rendition of the famous “Seven Ages” served as a befitting finale to the memorable event.

The assembly was not only a celebration of Shakespeare’s life and works, but  also an opportunity to recognise the importance of literature and  art in education. The event encouraged students to appreciate the beauty and power of language and to explore the works of other great writers.

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