DIY Mask Making Activity

The unprecedented situation with the Corona Virus has also brought an opportunity to come together and grow as a learning community. Embarking on this new educational journey, Salwan Public School leaves no stone unturned to equip students with essential life skills. An activity of mask making with a simple piece of cloth and two hair bands was taught by our ART faculty- Mrs. Sampati Sharma to all students from nursery to class XII through a video.

In the video, it is explained how a cotton cloth or a square handkerchief can be turned into a mask which covers both mouth and nose, and also fits snugly. The home-made cotton cloth mask reduces the possibilities of allergic reactions caused due to the readymade masks and is also beneficial to those who suffer from respiratory disorders.

The school received an overwhelming response from all the parents and the students. They appreciated the initiative of the school to enable them to make a quick and easy washable mask which can protect them amidst this Covid-19 pandemic.

Being Salwanians, we ensure that we thrive with adaptation and innovation every day.

Link of the activity:
Mask Making Video

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