Celebrating Diversity...

At Salwan, we endeavour to provide an inclusive and an enabling environment to all children with varied needs. We firmly believe that each and every child has the ability to learn and maximize his/her potential through adequate learning opportunities, effective teaching and appropriate resources. We provide equal opportunity to all children to learn and grow irrespective of their differences.

The Multi-Disciplinary team of the Special Education Department comprises of three well-qualified Special Educators and an Occupational Therapist, guided by a Consultant, Clinical Psychologist and Early Interventionist. The Special Education Programme of the school offers individualized remediation and intervention at the Learning Centre set up in the school, for the young learners based on their specific needs; while the subject teachers use creative teaching strategies to celebrate diversity in their classrooms.

The school is also home to many visually-impaired children who learn and blossom in a sensitive environment. Shadow Teaching, Remedial Teaching and Mentorship Programme have been introduced to provide additional support for Early Intervention in case of Learning Gaps in order to help students overcome issues related to conceptual understanding.