Beijing International Students' Summer Camp, China

9 students from classes IX and XI and 1 teacher from the school attended the International Students' Summer Camp from 13th July 2017-23rd July 2017 in Beijing Royal School. The aim of the camp was to foster friendship and to exchange ideas, culture and traditions among the 32 participating countries.

The students attended a number of cultural programmes and experienced the nuances of Chinese Culture. They participated in various activities like:

The students also got an opportunity to travel by the second fastest train in the world and went for a River Cruise. They also visited places of interest like TV Tower, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

The highlight of the programme was the interaction that our students had with the students from Japan, Philippines, USA, Argentina, South Korea, Macau among others. The students picked up a few words of different languages and learnt their rich culture.